How to turn-off the AVG.Com/Retail temporarily?

AVG is one of the most trending antivirus software as it offers wide-ranging security to the entire devices like Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows. The main reason behind such high usage of Www.AVG.Com/Retail Setup is including the highly advanced features to it. Some of the popular AVG products being available onto its official website includes AVG, AVG Antivirus, and many more.

Sometimes the users face some issues while enabling the AVG Setup or AVG onto the users’ device and this is the only reason they need to turn-off the setup, temporarily. Thus, the steps to temporarily turn-off or disable the AVG have been detailed in the article given below. Remember the point that the users’ device will become more vulnerable to the attacks of viruses or online threats if they keep their AVG Setup turn-off for more than the desired period. So, try to enable is as soon as possible once the users’ work has been completed, successfully.

Steps to turn-off the AVG temporarily:
Follow the downward steps to disable or turn-off the AVG, temporarily so that the users’ device gets rid of the entire non-functionalities, easily. The steps are as follows:

First of all, select the AVG Setup or AVG application icon within the Notification area of the device.
After this, toggle the ‘Auto-Protect’ button making the feature disabled.
And then, the ‘Security Request’ window will appear onto the device screen.
Within this window, in the ‘Select the Duration’ do select the time duration till when the users want to turn off AVG.
At last, click the ‘OK’ button to save the entire changes made.
On completion of the work, do repeat the same process to enable the AVG by toggling the Auto-Protect button to enable the setup once again.

Steps to turn-off the AVG Task Notification:
Do follow the underneath steps in order to turn-off the Notifications related to the AVG within the Notification area. The steps are as follows:

Launch the AVG application, followed by clicking the ‘Settings’ icon on the main screen.
Now, move to the ‘Administrative Settings’ section.
And then, turn off the button of AVG Task Notification.
At last, click the ‘Apply’ button, and then, click the ‘Close’ button to save the entire changes being made.

Steps to disable the AVG Firewall:
Follow the steps detailed below, to disable the firewall feature of the AVG Setup, so that the users may continue their online activities without being interrupted by this feature:

To execute the AVG application onto the device.
From the main window, go to the ‘Settings’ area.
Here, all the services or features will be projected onto the device. Out of these features, toggle the ‘Firewall’ button displayed in front of the ‘Smart Firewall’ option.
Now, also do select the time duration till the period the users want to disable this firewall feature.
At last, click the ‘Apply’ button, followed by clicking the ‘Ok’ button to make or save all the changes being made.
For enabling the firewall feature, repeat the same process as detailed above so that the device’s vulnerability of being attacked by online attacks goes down.


I hope, this Posting is quite helpful in resolving the concern of the AVG Setup users related to ‘how to disable or turn-off the AVG, temporarily’. The steps detailed are quite simple as well as easy to follow. Thus, the users are advised to access the official website of AVG i.e. to get rid of such concerns, easily as the company does provide its free services for helping them by its experts.

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